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Nest Pest Control Has Powerful Bed Bug Treatments That Exterminates them Where They Live. We Help You Breathe Easy Again.

Signs you need a bed bug exterminator:

  • Red welts (bite marks) on your skin after waking or sitting for a time.
  • Burning and itching  or a rash across a localized area.
  • Signs of infestation like shed bed bug skins (their exoskeletons as they grow)
  • Blood stains on sheets or PJs from bed bug bites
  • Bed bug fecal stains on sheets, mattresses, bedding and even other places like couches and soft chairs.

Nest Bed Bug Exterminator Service is the solution!

Bed bug control is a tricky situation. It requires a watchful eye and the earlier you can detect an infestation, the better the result from eradication. We are especially mindful of the ways to eliminate bed bugs from your room and home. We start with an inspection to determine where they are infesting your home. After that, we heat treat all your furniture. This means wrapping it up in plastic and literally roasting the bed bugs.

We then lay a layer of a special spray to attempt to eliminate the nits. After this, we need to follow up in a couple of weeks to then re-inspect your home to determine if all the bed bugs have been eliminated. If need be, we do the entire treatment again. After we are satisfied that all the bed bugs are exterminated, we have a guarantee that they won’t return for a time. Your pest control technician will go over this with you.

dead bedbugs after extermination on couch near arlington virginia

These are bed bugs infesting a sofa. We had to wrap it and cook these bugs to death.

Nest Pest Control Exterminates Bed Bugs Dead!

Bed bugs can ruin your day, and night. They make it difficult to sleep well and cause a lot of stress and irritation. These little vampires are hard to get rid of on your own, too.

Bed bug infestations have been rising all over the country in the last decade. Where are they the worst? Right here in the DC area, including Arlington.

So if you are tired of these blood suckers feeding off of you, then call Nest Pest Control Service and we will be the bed bug exterminator you’ve been looking for.

Nest Pest Control Service has been exterminating bed bugs in the Arlington area for years!

We’ve been eradicating pests one way or another for over 20 years. We are ready to eliminate the bed bug problem you face at your home today.

Life without bed bugs bothering you is easier to live, healthier and more comfortable. Plus, we have some specials which may make it easier to get bed bug extermination (or any other pest control service) right now.

These specials aren’t always around, so act quick and call Nest Pest Control now to get the best service available.

bed bugs on mattress near arlington virginia

A mattress wrapped in plastic after a heat treatment. We clean this up and treat the mattress with a repellant to keep down future infestations.

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    Some great testimonials prove we do a good job at all types of pest control, including bed bug control.

    Bed Bug Extermination
    October 13, 2021

    Nest Pest Control came out and did a great job of getting rid of Bed Bugs! We will us them again if we ever had a problem.

    Mice Control
    October 13, 2021

    Nest Services came out and did a great job getting rid of my mice. We call about three other company’s and they couldn’t get rid of the problem! We call Nest Service and they came out and found the entry points right away! You guys are for real and I will always use them. Thanks

    Rodent Control
    October 13, 2021

    Yes my home was so bad I couldn’t even sleep because of the rodents!! They came on the first visit. And I must say I can sleep 😴 now so to anyone that needs them rodents rid off call them very nice and professional!! Thanks for giving me peace of mind in my house again!! Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Nest Pest Control is Arlington’s Choice for a Bed Bug Exterminator.

    We’ve been servinge the Arlington area for years and have decades of experience.

    With our extensive training, we know pests, especially bed bugs, and how to control them properly.

    We guarantee that bed bugs will be gone for at least 3 months.

    If not, we’ll continue treatment to eradicate them.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      The most common species of bed bugs in human homes is Cimex lectularis. They love human blood and it sustains them. However there are many species related to these bed bugs, including one that feeds on bats. Often, you will discover a bat infestation because of these bugs invading your home. Although each species (and many more in the world) have a preferred animal to feed from, most will choose whatever blood is convenient.


      A lot of people have questions about bed bugs, pest control and our company. Here are a few that you might have:

      Do bed bugs smell? Can my dog smell for them?

      Bed bugs release a pheromone scent that smells a lot like coriander, a sweet-smelling herb. In fact, a long time ago they were often called coriander bugs. However, an odd smell isn’t enough to determine an infestation and often the smells they have are nearly undetectable except by trained dogs. Your pooch may smell them but will have a difficult time alerting you of the smell without training.

      We are expert bed bug exterminators and so we can inspect and determine the extent of infestation a lot easier than the lay person. So call Nest Pest Control Service to help you get back to breathing easy.

      Do bed bugs make you sick?

      Although some people are allergic to bedbug bites, typically they are not a major health concern, just an extreme nuisance and have major ick factor since they are basically vampires, feeding on you at night.

      Bed bugs are not considered a medical or public health hazard by health agencies. Also, although bed bugs are often associated with poor hygiene habits, the truth is anyone is susceptible to a bed bug infestation. We’ve treated more exceedingly clean mansions than you could believe for bed bug infestations.

      Instead, bed bugs often live in large cities because of the increased number of human blood meals close by. But can you get sick from bed bugs? No. Not directly. Like. Isaid, usually only if you are allergic to them.

      Some studies show that human pathogens are carried by bed bugs, but there is no evidence that these pathogens are passed through a bed big bite.

      Who will answer when I call Nest Pest Control?

      9 out of 10 times the owner of Nest Services, James, will answer the phone. Nest Services LLC does business as Nest Services, Nest Pest Control, Nest Pest Control Service and even Nest Tree Service (for tree removal in Maryland).

      If James cannot answer, for whatever reason, one of his dispatchers will answer the phone and answer of all your questions, set up appointment times and make sure you are taken care of well.

      Who is the owner of Nest Services?

      James Williams has owned Nest Services for more than a decade. He started in pest control services some 20+ years ago and after a few years, he and a coworker started their own pest control business. After a few more years, the coworker decided to do a different career entirely and James has been running the pest control show ever since.