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We exterminate everything from bed bugs to rodents.

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    We exterminate or otherwise control a lot of different pests in the Arlington area.

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    General Pest Control

    Most pests fall into one of three categories: wildlife, bed bugs and other bugs. We treat them all. Whether you need heat treatment to kill a bed bug, a trap to catch a raccoon or a spray to keep spiders away, we’ve got you covered!

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    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are everywhere out here & they can’t be killed with regular old bug spray, either. They have to be hunted down, cooked, suffocated and then they might be gone. We are experts at bed bug removal & keep them from coming back.

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    If you have these disgusting pests in your home, you need Nest Pest Control’s cockroach treatment immediately! We will go throughout the house, find out where they live, put bait, traps and spray to kill them and keep roaches away.

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    We control termites before they become a problem or eradicate them if it is too late for that. We also offer termite inspections and the paperwork for home purchases and other real estate needs. Call us to schedule termite control today.

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    Mice & Rat Control

    Mice are constantly looking for new food sources. When that becomes your food, that’s a problem. They are damaging to homes and often carry disease and need to be controlled. We find where they come in and stop it as well as trap these rodents.

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    Spider Control

    Spiders are usually helpful, but when they are in your house, you need to get rid of these creatures. Spiders, when venomous, can harm your family. So we take care and make sure they are eradicated from inside your home.

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    Ant Control

    Getting fleas or ants outside your home is no fun. When they are inside, too, then you have a serious infestation problem that needs Nest Pest Control to deal with it. Please call and let us eradicate the fleas or ants bothering you.

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    Wildlife Control

    When wildlife gets into your life, problems can result. From raccoons tipping the trash to opossums threatening your family or bats flying overhead. We take care of each of these problems, usually by moving the animal to a better location.

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    Raccoons & Squirrels

    Raccoons & squirrels can cause havoc in your attic, walls, chimneys and any other space they can get into. We inspect the property, close entries and make sure the varmints are captured (if possible, exterminated if not) and moved to a better, wild location.

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    Rodent Control

    Whether it’s squirrels, rats or other rodents, we can control them from entering and destroying your home. When you call Nest, we come out and do the inspection, close the holes and set traps and follow up with you to make sure the pests are gone.

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    Commercial Pest Control

    Yes, we keep pests out of restaurants, hotels, and other commercial properties, too. We offer both single treatments as well as long-term contracts to make sure your establishment remains pest free.

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    Beehive Removal

    Got a beehive on your house? Don’t do anything until we inspect it. We need to make sure that the bees are properly removed. We save honeybees when we can and make sure they are rescued by a licensed apiarist. That way they are productive, still.

    Wasp Nest Removal

    Unlike honeybees, we exterminate wasps and hornets and make sure they aren’t coming back. We eliminate all types of wasps, including carpenter wasps, paper wasps and hornets & yellow jackets, too. Call us and stay safe if you have a wasp nest in your space.

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    Scheduled Maintenance

    Keep breathing easy with our scheduled pest control maintenance services. We will come out monthly, quarterly or even biannually. This is the most economical and certain way to stay pest free forever. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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    Emergency Services

    Although we cannot accommodate every need, we have staff that work around the clock to eradicate all these local pests. So if you have a pressing matter to get a snake removed or bed bugs eradicated, call us and we’ll get you scheduled ASAP.