Wildlife Removal in Arlington, VA

We get rid of possums, birds, snakes, bats, raccoons and more!

We Remove

Many Types

Of Wildlife

We take care of all sorts of wildlife problems in the Arlington VA area.

We relocate most wildlife and exterminate dangerous rodents:

  • We have been removing wildlife for decades.
  • We capture things like raccoons, snakes and possums and put them in a natural area.
  • We eliminate wildlife problems such as mice and rats from being a nuisance at your property.
  • Wildlife can destroy property like few other creatures, so you need to take care of the problem ASAP.

Nest Wildlife Removal Is The Best in Virginia!

Raccoons and possums are terrors to human property. They will destroy not just trash cans, but they’ll rip up your attic, tear off roof shingles, destroy vegetation and more.

Squrrels will do the same thing, and make holes in your roof that will leak water in the rain. Their nests are not clean or sanitary when they are in your attic, plus they can often run through your walls and will sometimes chew through the wires.

Mice and rats are a real problem, in fact we’ve written an entire page about mouse (and rat) control.

The point is, wildlife doesn’t mix well with people. We at Nest Pest Control remove these species, usually without exterminating them (except rats & mice), and place them in a better place to live freely.

We are NOT animal control and we do NOT retrieve domestic animals.

close up of raccoon face

These eyes are just considering ways to destroy your property. Nest will remove raccoons.

Raccoon Removal

When raccoons are left to themselves, they can destroy a lot of property. Whether tipping trash cans and making a mess or tearing holes in your roof, these creatures can be real pests. We humanely capture critters like raccoons and relocate them to a habitat that is better suited to these wild animals.

We Get Rid Of Possums

Opossums carry disease and although they aren’t generally aggressive, a bite can hurt, fester and cause serious harm. Protect your family from these creatures and have us remove possums from your property.

possum in arlington va

Possums can be dangerous and carry diseases.

close up of raccoon face

Playful, cute and very destructive. We remove squirrels.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are havoc incarnate, in our opinion. They eat your attic, destroy your shingles, put holes in your yard and so many other destructive things that they can be really bothersome sometimes. Call us to get rid of them.

Snake Removal

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a snake is venomous or not (this viper is). Stay safe and let Nest Pest Control Services Wildlife Removal Team come and take away any snake or other wild animal from your place.

Snake on leaves we remove wildlife

We remove snakes. I found this guy while on a run.

brown bat closeup near arlington virginia

They look scary, but bats are extremely helpful and eat thousands of bugs per night. We can remove them from your home, though.

Bat Removal & Control

Bats love to live where we do, usually. Its warm and sheltered and dark in your attic. If you have a bat in your place, we can capture it and remove it. If you have a brood nesting in your attic, we can remove that, too and teach you different ways to try and keep them from coming back. 

Bats are resilient, though, it may take several attempts to completely keep bats from nesting at your home.

Bird Removal

When a bird gets stuck in your home, or nests in your air ducts, they can be tricky to remove. Let the experts do it!

We’ve been removing birds for decades and have gotten pretty good at it. If your dryer vents are open to the air, you will get a bird in there sometime, so make sure you cover them up.

house sparrows

We’ll help you decide on the best way and time to remove birds from your home.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Some great testimonials prove we do a good job at all types of pest control, including wildlife removal.

Bed Bug Extermination
October 13, 2021

Nest Pest Control came out and did a great job of getting rid of Bed Bugs! We will us them again if we ever had a problem.

Pest Control Service
October 13, 2021

Nest services is the best we had two company's come out to give me an estimate Nest Services has the best price for on time and gave the great job will recommend them!

Pest Control
October 13, 2021

I’m very pleased with Nest Pest Control! I filled out the online form and received a call right away. I was able to schedule an appointment the next day! The follow-up appointment the next week was very thorough. They provided great service, answered all my questions, and were very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend James and Nest Pest Control!! Thank you so much for all your help!

But You Have To Call Soon.

Our schedule fills up fast and we want to make sure you get your wildlife problem taken care of now.

Here are some coupons. Call quick because they don’t last long.

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Nest Pest Control is Arlington’s Choice for Wildlife Removal.

We’ve been serving the Arlington area for years and have decades of experience.

With our extensive training, we know how to properly remove all sorts of wildlife.

Raccoons, bats, even birds are all part of our wildlife removal services in Arlington, VA.

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A lot of people have questions about wildlife removal services, pest control in general and our company. Here are a few that you might have:

What Animals Do You Catch?

We are wildlife removal experts. That means if it does not normally have a collar, bell and lives in the wild, we capture it. No domestic animals.

We catch raccoons, squirrels, possums, foxes, bats, snakes and other wildlife. We also kill mice, rats and other things like that. We are also pest control experts, killing bugs like roaches, bed bugs and more. No pets!

Why Is Nest The Right Company?

We’ve caught, killed, trapped, poisoned and otherwise controlled every conceivable pest in the Washington DC area, including Arlington.

Get A Good Deal
Our prices are fair and our service is great! Experience the difference of Nest Pest Control.

Dedicated Service with a Smile

You can get wildlife removal from many places, but we appreciate your business and do our best to make sure you feel that appreciation. When you use Nest Pest Control for any of our services, you are getting top tier experience and knowledge, but also a person who is happy to be there helping you out!

Who will answer when I call Nest Pest Control?

9 out of 10 times the owner of Nest Services, James, will answer the phone. Nest Services LLC does business as Nest Services, Nest Pest Control, Nest Pest Control Service and even Nest Tree Service (for tree removal in Maryland).

If James cannot answer, for whatever reason, one of his dispatchers will answer the phone and answer of all your questions, set up appointment times and make sure you are taken care of well.

Who is the owner of Nest Services?

James Williams has owned Nest Services for more than a decade. He started in pest control services some 20+ years ago and after a few years, he and a coworker started their own pest control business. After a few more years, the coworker decided to do a different career entirely and James has been running the pest control show ever since.

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