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Your Pets & Children Aren’t Safe From Flea Bites.

Reasons to get a flea control treatment:

  • 20 fleas on a dog can produce 360 eggs in a day and over 2000 in a week.
  • Fleas tend to bite around the ankles and lower legs on humans. Bed bugs bite all over and in lines.
  • Fleas have been known to carry pathogens that can infect humans, including the bubonic plague.
  • Fleas can be especially dangerous to newborn pets that can become anemic if too much blood is is taken.

Nest Pest Control Has The Solution: Flea Control Treatment!

Fleas can make your life miserable, so Nest is here to help you breathe a little easier because your pests are managed properly. We can also give you some great advice on how to control fleas in the future, after the initial treatment(s).

Fleas also make life miserable for your pets, of course. But with proper flea control treatment, Fido can once again roll around in the grass all day without worrying you.

Nest Pest Control is the Flea & Mite Exterminator!

Fleas have been tormenting humans for thousands of years, but now we can fight back more effectively. Nest Pest Control uses different types of treatments depending on where you are getting flea bites from, but the result is the same: you can breathe easier and feel better because those fleas are gone!

We exterminate fleas in the Greenbelt, Maryland area for pets, too!

Dogs and cats get a lot of pestering from fleas and other biting insects like ticks and mosquitoes that their human companions rarely even know about. Nest Pest Control can help eradicate these biting pests from your home so that your pets can breathe easier, too.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Some great testimonials prove we do a good job at all types of pest control, including flea and mite control.

Pest Control
October 13, 2021

James at Nest Pest Control is really truly the MVP. He additionally offered tips to help me deal with my pest control issues in between treatments which was far above and beyond the call of his duty, so that was greatly appreciated. I now have my permanent pest control guy for all future treatment needs! Highly recommended.

Pest Control
October 13, 2021

James and his team were wonderful! He responded to all of my emails and phoned me right away and had his team out to my place within a day. They were all knowledgeable and answered my questions throughly and he was the most affordable compared to other companies. They do a follow up which I really appreciate and I would recommend them to anyone in the area.

Cockroach Extermination
October 13, 2021

Nest Services came out and did a great job taking care of my roaches, they was on time and took there time! I will use them if we have any activity, thanks Nest Services.

But You Have To Call Soon.

Our schedule fills up fast and we want to make sure you get your flea situation taken care of now.

Nest Pest Control is Greenbelt, Maryland’s Choice for a Flea & Mite Exterminator.

We’ve been serving the Greenbelt, Maryland area with decades of experience.

With our extensive training, we know pests like fleas and how to control them properly.

We guarantee that fleas will be gone for at least 3 months.

If not, we’ll continue treatment until we eradicate them.

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Did you know…

The CDC recommends a few things when treating for fleas. Every pet in the home must be treated. Start with a thorough bath for each pet with soap and water, then comb them with a flea comb. Flea combs are important because they will pull out the fleas from the fur and help get rid of the infestation where they are.

As you are combing, pay attention to face and neck regions, and the area in front of the tail. Soap will act as a gentle insecticide to kill adult fleas. Finally, because different meds and treatments can help for a longer duration, talk to your veterinarian about choosing the right flea control product for your pet.

The CDC also recommends home treatment for fleas.

“Begin home treatment at the same time as pet treatment. This keeps all treatment on the same timeline and helps disrupt the flea life cycle. A licensed commercial pest control applicator can help you determine which products are best for inside your home and in the yard. In general, focus outdoor treatment on shady areas and places where pets spend the most amount of time.”


A lot of people have questions about pest control and our company. Here are a few that you might have:

Why is it so hard to KILL a cockroach?

Cockroaches, though disgusting, are actually really amazing creatures. They have exoskeletons, like armor, that can shift and move so they can get into really tight places and still move. Their senses of smell and taste hare so acute, they can find protien sources in rather unconventional places like cardboard and paper!

Cockroaches are really good at hiding and can handle some pretty extreme temperatures and even radiation that wouold kill people. Still, there are good ways to kill them and it starts with calling the cockroach extermination experts, Nest Pest Control Service!

Where do cockroaches hide?

Cockroaches are really adept at hiding. Some hitch a ride into your home from outside in things like bags of pet food, or beverage containers. Often, cockroaches come in through cracks to the outside such as in the foundation or walls. Other roaches get into your home through windows and doors left open and even from drainage pipes.

Then they will search out warma nd humid climates in your home, that is their favorite place to be. Think your kitchen or bathroom. Next on the list is dark places. Roaches are nocturnal and love the dark, so check in dark places all over. Also, they often live inside your walls.

Who will answer when I call Nest Pest Control?

9 out of 10 times the owner of Nest Services, James, will answer the phone. Nest Services LLC does business as Nest Services, Nest Pest Control, Nest Pest Control Service

If James cannot answer, for whatever reason, one of his dispatchers will answer the phone and answer of all your questions, set up appointment times and make sure you are taken care of well.

Who is the owner of Nest Services?

James Williams has owned Nest Services for more than a decade. He started in pest control services some 20+ years ago and after a few years, he and a coworker started their own pest control business. After a few more years, the coworker decided to do a different career entirely and James has been running the pest control show ever since.

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